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Best Indian Adult Web Series: Hottest Hindi Web Shows To Watch In 2023

Want to watch the Best Indian Adult Web Series in Hindi? Here are top 26 hottest hindi flicks online in 2020 listed along with cast, reviews & ratings.

Author:Andrew Stevenson
Reviewer:Johnathan Miller
Jun 04, 2023133 Shares5.1K Views
With the passing days, more and more people are becoming more open about talking about intimacy and the positive aspect of it. But, with so many Hindi adult web seriesin Indiaalready available on the online streaming platforms, choosing the best one of the lot can be a little confusing.

Top 26 Adult Web Series In India: 2023

For your convenience, we have sorted through a plethora of existing options on the internet and picked the best Hot Indian web shows for you to look through.

1. Maaya: Slave Of Her Desires (2017)

  • IMDb Rating:5.6/10
  • Available Platforms:MX Player


  • Shama Sikander
  • Veer Aryan
  • Vipul Gupta
  • Parina Chopra
  • Aradhaya
Overview:The very first on the list of the best Indian adult web seriesis this Vikram Bhatt direction series. If you aren’t comfortable watching b0ld characters and pornographic content, this isn’t the one for you. But, this is not just a series with adult content, the unfurling plot is just as intriguing.
The series was first released in 2017 and as mentioned, was directed by Vikram Bhatt. As for the overall number of episodes, it consists of 11 well-spaced out events.

2. Four More Shots Please (2019-2020)

  • IMDb Rating:6.8/10
  • Available Platforms:Amazon Prime India, Just Watch


  • Kirti Kulhari
  • Sayani Gupta
  • Bani J
  • Maanvi Gagroo
  • Lisa Ray
Overview:Four more shots are not your typical hottest web series. The story isn’t based on hot and adult topics. It stars four Indian girls with different characters and approaches. Each character is flawed in their way and at the same time, it explores situations in real life that they encounter and overcome.
While situations are not smooth sailing, in the beginning, things start to take off once they realise their similarities and mingle well together. The series is available on Netflix and has 2 seasons under its name. This is one of the famous Hindi adult serials made in India.

3. Gandii Baat (2018-2020)

  • IMDb Rating:3.6/10
  • Available Platforms:Zee5, ALTBalaji, Jio Cinema, Just Watch


  • Anveshi Jain
  • Flora Saini
  • Neetha Shetty
  • Garima Jain
  • Gehana Vasishth
Overview:Available on Zee5, Gandii Baat is another popular Indian adult webseries in 2020 that has gained quite a lot of popularity. This 2018 web series features a stunning plot with different adult themes for every single episode.
The best thing about this web series is how effective and impactful each episode is. It brings out the dirty stereotypes surrounding rural India and helps you understand things that you otherwise wouldn’t have. It unfolds the intimate desires of people residing in rural India.

4. Mona Home Delivery (2019-2020)

  • IMDb Rating:4.2/10
  • Available Platforms:MX Player


  • Kangna Sharma
  • Vijay Raaz
  • Ganesh Acharya
  • Rajpal Yadav
  • Mukesh Tiwari
  • Zakir Hussain
Overview:If there is one web platform that is known for its Hot Indian web series collection, it is Ullu. Mona Home Delivery is one of the most popular web series on this platform, known for its amazing plotline and the way it taps into the life of Mona, someone who works as a prostitute. The series takes you through a journey, one that begins with the downfall of Mona’s business.
With no way out, the only field that she finds herself getting into is prostitution. The name of the series comes from Mona offering her services by visiting her client’s in their home and hence the Home Delivery part.

5. Wanna Have A Good Time (2018-2019)

  • IMDb Rating:5.2/10
  • Available Platforms:MX Player, VOX India, Ullu


  • Manish Raisinghan
  • Flora Saini
  • Rajat Bedi
  • Roshmi Banik
  • Esha Vengurlekar
Overview:Released in 2018, This best MX Player adult series is available to stream online. That said, this is a mini web series, so in case you don’t want to spend your entire week binging on a show, this is the perfect option.
The series entails the story of Shilpa, a wife that decides on visiting her maternal home. Once she is away, her husband decides to hire a prostitute but things take a turn when he finds that the woman he hired looks exactly like his wife. Whether it is a coincidence or something way out of the realm is the question that unfolds gradually.

6. Kavita Bhabhi (2020)

  • IMDb Rating:7.1/10
  • Available Platforms:MX Player


  • Divya Dwivedi
  • Amita Nangia
  • Nishant Pandey
  • Kavita Radheshyam
  • Ali Gulzar
Overview:Just the mere mention of the name gives away the fact that this is a hit Zee5 hot web series list. The majority of the Indian erotica and adult industry stems from the notion of sister-in-law porn, otherwise known as the “Bhabhi” genre. This web series is a rendition of just that.
In case you are wondering how the plot of the series is, it entails the story of a young woman named Kavita, one who is crazed about erotic talks. She has a hidden profession wherein she calls men and tries to satisfy and cure them of their shortcomings by telling them some of her bed stories.

7. Virgin Bhasskar (2019-2020)

  • IMDb Rating:6.5/10
  • Available Platforms:Zee5, ALTBalaji, Komparify


  • Rutpanna Aishwarya
  • Anant Joshi
  • Dhirendra Kumar Tiwari
  • Himanshu Arora
  • Rupali Guptha
Overview:Virgin Bhaskar is yet another popular Hindi adult web series that you can stream on Zee5. More than the touch of erotica theme, this is known for its comedic timing and the gags. If you enjoy laughing your heart out now and then, this is the perfect web series for you.
The plot of the series talks about the character of Bhaskar, a 26-year old virgin who is the writer of some popular erotic novels but is filled to the brim with unfulfilled fantasies. But, as you watch through the episodes, it gets riveting and keeps you on the edge of the seat. The intimacy and the chemistry between Bhaskar and his girlfriends will leave you hot and bothered.

8. Dev DD (2017-2018)

  • IMDb Rating:6.5/10
  • Available Platforms:MX Player, ALT Balaji, Jio Cinema


  • Ashima Vardaan
  • Rashmi Agdekar
  • Akhil Kapur
  • Rumana Molla
  • Sanjay Suri
  • Jason Shah
Overview:If you think that Dev DD is anything like the movie with almost similar names, you are highly mistaken. That is not the case at all. The best part of this series is the perfect blend of modernity and b0ld scenes. It also touches bases with some societal topics that you normally wouldn’t expect from an 18+ web series.
The plot of the series discusses the character of Vicky, a girl who does everything that you’d normally expect from an Indian guy including smoking cigarettes and drinking cheap alcohol. It also discusses the consistent constraints that people experience in Indian society, especially when it comes to girls.

9. Baby Come Naa (2018)

  • IMDb Rating:4.3/10
  • Available Platforms:MX Player, Jio Cinema, ALTBalaji


  • Chunky Pandey
  • Shreyas Talpade
  • Manasi Scott
  • Kiku Sharda
  • Shefali Zariwala
Overview:Yet another adult comedy Indian web series is Baby Come Naa, which is available for online streaming on AltBalaji. The show currently has 1 season and 6 episodes that you can easily binge-watch and finish within a day.
The plot of the series starts with Aditya, an Indian guy who is dating two women simultaneously, Sophie and Sarah. He gets support from his friend, Yo-Yo, who helps him keep this entire façade going on without any complaints. But, things take a tumble and ensues a series of unexpected events that leave you laughing your wits out.

10. I Love Us (2019)

  • IMDb Rating:5.8/10
  • Available Platforms:Foot Looz, Youtube, Vimeo


  • Harsha Chopda
  • Ashmita Jaggi
  • Ali Merchant
  • Sonam Panchali
  • Konur Sharma
Overview:Release in 2019, I Love Us is yet another amazing Indian adult tv Series that you’d want to add to your existing binge-watching list. The one thing different about this web series is that it dealswith the LGBTQ+ community since the pivotal characters in the show are lesbians.
The series narrates the story of Shreya Rajput, a woman who is very clear about her s33ual preferences. The story then takes you along the journey of her life and how she meets her person and the complications that come with that.

11. Made In Heaven (2019)

  • IMDb Rating:8.3/10
  • Available Platforms:Amazon Prime India, Just Watch


  • Sobhita Dhulipala
  • Arjun Mathur
  • Jim Sarbh
  • Shivani Raghuvanshi
  • Shashank Arora
Overview:For a show that has garnered over 8.4 IMDb Ratings, you know that this is one of the best binge-watching options. The reason why this is a must-watch is because of the themes and the concepts used in the series.
It is not your typical web series that narrates a failed marriage and cheating scandal. The series discusses the characters of Tara and Karan, both of whom are popular wedding planners. As they arrange the marriages of different brides and grooms, they realise things that they otherwise didn’t believe in. It discusses concepts of adultery, Section 377, treads of s33ual assault and so many more concepts. It is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

12. Auction (2019)

  • IMDb Rating:5.4/10
  • Available Platforms:MX Player


  • Samikssha Bhatnagar
  • Preeti Goswami
  • Shivanya Mehra
  • Niharika Choukesey
  • Palash Dutta
Overview:Again a popular web series available on Ullu that discusses the concepts of intimacy and adult themes is Auction. Apart from the b0ld and the scenes of nudity, the series also touches base with some hard digestion and less talked about topics in India, mainly discussing s33 trafficking and how young girls lose their childhood amidst this trade.
The plot of the series discusses the character of a vile woman involved in trafficking young girls and pimping them out to their highest bidder.

13. XXX Uncensored (2018)

  • IMDb Rating:4.8/10
  • Available Platforms:Zee5, ALTBalaji, Jio Cinema, Flickz


  • Kyra Dutta
  • Rithvik Dhanjani
  • Aparna Sharma
  • Aparnaa Bajpaii
  • Pryanka Talukdar
Overview:Another popular Alt Balaji web series in the 18+ category that has picked up pace in India is XXX: Uncensored. Starring some of the most popular faces from the Indian television industry, this web series is more than just the intimate and b0ld scenes. This is an erotic-comedy web series, so the chemistry leaves you hot and bothered but the comedic timings of the dialogues give you all the fun.
The show is available for streaming on AltBalaji and packs in themes of racy and is considered the hottest web series in India at the moment.

14. One Night Stand (2017)

  • IMDb Rating:6.2/10
  • Available Platforms:MX Player, Netflix, Jio Cinema, Yupp TV, Amazon Prime India, Adda Times


  • Ambarish Banerjee
  • Priyam Chakraborty
  • Narendra Jetley
  • Geeta Bisht
  • Saurav Das
Overview:Available on, One Night Stand is in the first of very underrated top adult web series list, that you likely didn’t even know of until now. The series is more than the intimate scenes, it has a very twisted plot that leaves you on the edge of your seat from the start till the end.
Aside from that, it discusses the journey of moments that are seized in place by three strangers that find themselves together on a lonely night. This is a Bengali web series, so you either need to know the language or watch the Hindi version of the show.

15. The Bull Of Dalal Street (2020)

  • IMDb Rating:6.7/10
  • Available Platforms:MX Player


  • Iqbal Khan
  • Ashmit Patel
  • Kunal Verma
  • Priyal Gor
  • Aparna Sharma
  • Naina Chabra
Overview:This 2020 released web series was first released on ULLU, an Indian platform that is predominantly known for harbouring some of the best adult web series. As for the plot, it discusses the life of a middle-class man, Hershel Mehta, who has a big dream of making it as the top stockbroker in Mumbai.
If you have watched “The Wolf of Wall Street”, it has similar tones to the series. As for the plot, it does have some b0ld themes in the series with intimate scenes that require adult discretion. It is a desi version of the popular Hollywoodmovie.

16. Hello Mini (2019)

  • IMDb Rating:9.1/10
  • Available Platforms:Netflix, MX Player


  • Priya Banerjee
  • Arjun Aneja
  • Gaurav Chopra
  • Mrinal Dutt
  • Anuja Joshi
  • Ankur Rathee
Overview:Hello Mini is yet another best Netflix adult series that you wouldn’t mind binge-watching. The best thing about this series and platform is that its free. The web series, on the other hand, is extremely riveting, especially with the b0ld moves and the adult content. But, that is not all there’s to it. It has a very interesting and thrilling plot that keeps you on the edge throughout.
As for the actual plot of the movie, it discusses the character of Mini, who has recently relocated to Mumbai to set up her career path. While everything seems to be going okay and smoothly in the beginning, things start to take a turn for the worse for her when she realises that she might have a stalker following her every move.

17. Apharan (2018)

  • IMDb Rating:8.3/10
  • Available Platforms:MX Player, Hotstar, ALTBalaji, Jio Cinema, Flickz


  • Nidhi Singh
  • Arunoday Singh
  • Mahie Gill
  • Varun Badola
  • Sadanand Verma
Overview:This is Not just a Hotstar Adult web series, Apharan packs in a lot more to the plot. It has a thrilling and twisted plot that leaves you questioning every single move along the ride. The series was released in 2018 and is available on AltBalaji for streaming online.
The series takes you through a journey involving kidnapping, murders, crime, and the never-ending violence that takes place throughout the show. The series is unsettling at times and packs in elements of adult intimate scenes, so viewer discretion is advised.

18. Rain (2017)

  • IMDb Rating:6.1/10
  • Available Platforms:MX Player, Jio Cinema


  • Priya Banerjee
  • Kanupriya Gupta
  • Fazil Khan
  • Sid Makkar
  • Aarudra Subramanian
Overview:While the majority of the adulting web series in India based around the elements of intimate and b0ld scenes, Rain packs in an additional element of horror. This is a very unusual web series, especially because Vikram Bhatt is the director of the show.
The plot of the series discusses the character of Barkha, who is trapped in her house and has four different people inside. But, the plot twist is when one of the four people that Barkha is trapped with wants her dead.

19. Mastram (2020)

  • IMDb Rating:7.8/10
  • Available Platforms:MX Player


  • Kapil Dubey
  • Rahul Bagga
  • Tara Alisha
  • Vinod Nahardih
  • Istiyak Khan
  • Aakash Dahiya
Overview:If there’s an OG Bollywoodadult web series in India that packs in elements of b0ld and intimate scenes. It is highly sensuous with its plot, so you do need to be careful while watching it, especially if you are underage.
The series highlights the character of Mastram, a highly sensuous and erotic guy. The show is set in a background of the 80s rural Himalayas. The plot of the movie witnesses how a writer finds their way into expressing their passionate thoughts, especially with men in particular. The one thing about this show that is disappointing is the lacking consistency.

20. Bekaaboo (2019)

  • IMDb Rating:8.1/10
  • Available Platforms:Jio Cinema, ALTBalaji, Msn


  • Priya Banerjee
  • Rajeev Siddhartha
  • Madhu Sneha
  • Jitendra Hirawat
  • Ananditaa Singh
  • Trishna Mukherjee
Overview:If you have read the famous novel, Black Suits by Novoneel Chakraborty, then this is one of those adult series that you’d enjoy watching. The plot is based on the novel’s storyline.
The plot discusses the character of Kiyan, a guy who soon realises that he has someone consistently following his every move. But, the worst part is that his stalker is aware of some of his deepest and darkest secrets. How he takes care of the situation is what this series is all about.

21. Spotlight (2017-2018)

  • IMDb Rating:7.5/10
  • Available Platforms:Netflix, Amazon Prime India, SonyLiv


  • Sid Makkar
  • Shalu Soni
  • Arbaaz Ali Moghul
  • Tridha Choudhury
  • Arif Zakaria
Overview:Everyone, at least once in their life, has thought about posing their life to the spotlight and being a famous person. This is a discussion about the life of Sana Sanyal, a popular Bollywood actress, and how this story revolves around the ups and downs in her life. It also talks about the unsung side of Bollywood that no one knows about.
It is not your typical Amazon prime adult series but if you want to watch a good quality web series that is worth binge-watching, this is it.

22. S3X Chat With Pappu & Papa (2016)

  • IMDb Rating:8/10
  • Available Platforms:Youtube, Yash Raj Films, My Movie Rack


  • Anand Tiwari
  • Kabir Sajid
  • Sanjeeda Sheikh
  • Alka Amin
  • Sachin Pilgaonkar
Overview:If there is one adult web series that discusses some of the best educational topics about intimacy, it is this one. It is available on YouTube for you to stream online without any additional charges. It is a mini web-series, so you can watch each one of them and learn throughout the process. This is a perfect way to get your child accustomed to the concepts of intimacy, physical relationships, and adult concepts.
The plot of the movie takes you along the life of Pappu and Papa, a father-son duo that discusses intimacy in a very educational way. Each episode takes on a different topic.

23. S3X Drugs & Theatre (2019)

  • IMDb Rating:6.5/10
  • Available Platforms:Zee5


  • Adish Vaidya
  • Shalva Kinjawadekar
  • Mitali Mayekar
  • Nayannah Mukey
  • Rewa Natu
Overview:Medical students are often stereotyped and this series breaks down that stereotype. In terms of the plot of the series, it discusses the subjects of drugs and physical relationships among six medical students.
But, for the students who always find themselves stuck in such a quagmire with no care about the world, they have to now come together and plan a play to represent their college in the prestigious competition.

24. Bambai 4X4 (2019)

  • IMDb Rating:6.3/10
  • Available Platforms:MX Player, Webisoda


  • Aman Jaitly
  • Anuradha Mukherjee
  • Dr Leena Balodi
  • Rahul Bagga
  • Safoon
  • Sukesh Anand
Overview:Available for streaming on Ullu, Bambai 4X4 is a very popular series that discusses the characters of a newly married couple who relocated to Mumbai trying to establish a new life for themselves. But, with the struggles that they face initially, they decide on settling in the slums because of the lack of budget.
With the tightly knit space, Jugnu and his wife find it extremely hard to find time and the space to have passionate relationships with each other. It is the struggles and the affection in the series that make this a binge-worthy show.

25. Love Lust And Confusion (2018)

  • IMDb Rating:5.8/10
  • Available Platforms:Viu, Meta Reel, Youtube


  • Tara Alisha Berry
  • Rajat Barmecha
  • Ankit Bathla
  • Meiyang Chang
  • Meghana Kaushik
Overview:Available on YouTube, Love Lust and Confusion is the most popular adult web series that you wouldn’t regret watching. It depicts the life of a young city girl, Poroma Sarkar, and how the lack of decision-making skills at a tender age can be the issue behind one’s downfall.
The series also takes you along the journey of physical intimacy, exploration, and also the consistent age of confusion. It has a very basic storyline but that is exactly what sells in this show. The simplicity of the show is what sells.

26. Who’s Your Daddy (2020)

  • IMDb Rating:8.9/10
  • Available Platforms:Zee5, ALTBalaji, Youtube


  • Rahul Dev
  • Harsh Beniwal
  • Nikhil Bhambri
  • Divinaa Thakur
  • Anveshi Jain
  • Liza Malik
Overview:Released in April 2020, Who’s Your Daddy is a popular web series available for streaming on Zee5. This has one season and 12 episodes. The show stars the famous YouTuber, Harsh Beniwal. As for the plot, it depicts the life of a father-son relationship.
Not only does this keep you entertained, but it also comes with some adult scenes that take you through a roller coaster ride.

Wrapping It Up

If you have been looking for some good quality Indian bold Hindi series to watch to binge-watch, these are some of the most popular ones. We’d suggest you always watch the shows with discretion, especially when it comes to the topics featured and your age and understanding of things. They are, at the end of the day, meant for your entertainment, so keep that in mind.

Disclaimer (Important)

We don’t assist or promote any kind of piracy websites here. Piracy of any authentic content material below Indian legislation is a punishable crime and we totally oppose this piracy. The content material that’s given above is simply to provide the wanted details about unlawful actions. We have only provided the legal links to watch web series on their respective OTT platforms. Its objective shouldn’t be at any time and in any solution to assist in piracy and morally unsuitable acts. So, we request our readers to please steer clear of such web sites and decide the precise manner or authorized websites for streaming web shows online.
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