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Index of Asur Web Series: The Complete Season and All Episodes

Check the Index of Asur web series complete season one along with quick recap of all it's episodes online. also read about cast, plot and more in 2024.

Author:Andrew Stevenson
Reviewer:Johnathan Miller
Jan 14, 2024
The public cannot seem to stop fawning about this amazing latest Hindi web series, because it is. The thriller Indian web series has taken the Indian media industry by a storm thanks to its amazing plot.
The story about a manmade monster, who is prowling about on a killing spree, and a group of efficient CBI officers who have been assigned to hunt him down. Here’s a full-fledged index of Asur Hindi series online to help you out!
  • Genre:Drama, Crime, Thriller
  • IMDb Rating: 8.4/10
  • Written By:Gaurav Shukla
  • Directed By: Oni Sen
  • Available Platforms: Voot
  • Total Seasons:1 Season
  • Total Episodes: 8 Episodes
  • Running Period:2020
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Asur Series List Of All Cast & Characters

  • Ridhi Dogra as Nusrat Saeed
  • Arshad Warsi as Dhananjay Rajput
  • Barun Sobti as Nikhil Nair
  • Anupriya Goenka as Naina Nair
  • Sharib Hashmi as Lolark Dubey
  • Amey Wagh as Rasool Shaikh
  • Pawan Chopra as Shashank Awasthi
  • Vishesh Bansal as Shubh
  • Gaurav Arora as Kesar Bharadwaj
  • Anvita Sudarshan as Raina Singh
  • Nishank Verma as Samarth Ahuja
  • Archak Chhabra as Aditya Jalan
Aditya Jalan character
Aditya Jalan character
  • Aditya Lal as Moksh
Aditya Lal as Moksh
Aditya Lal as Moksh

Index Of Asur Series (All Asur Episodes)

Episode 1: “The Dead Can Talk”

Recap:Traversing back through time, as this episode takes a walk down the memory lane, we’re led to an incident that happened over a decade ago. A young boy name Shubh is seen performing ceremonial rituals during a puja, with his father and an unidentified person.
Things take a major turn when the scene proceeds to an incident where the father drowns and dies while returning in a boat with his child. Speculations of the Shubh poisoning his own father, causing his death, rear its head. He is now portrayed as a cold, hard-heartened kid, one who could compel his father to breathe his last breath.
Fast forward to today when we see forensic expert Nikhar Nair teaching at the FBI HQ. We see him fooling around with his wife moments later, trying to argue how quitting his job could be the next positive change in his life. We get to know how much he regrets joining the CBI, once he starts to nitpick the reasons that justify his argument.
The episode ends with a brief scene of a mysterious man killing a woman, whose body is found charred the following day by the police. The senior forensic expert at CBI, Dhananjay DJ Rajpoot performs the autopsy and soon learns that a murderer who’s hungry for deaths is left loose. And that his wife’s next on his list. you can watch or download Asur seriesfull season 1 online through Voot platform.

Episode 2: “Rabbit Hole”

Recap:The episode of asur takes you back to a story that’s eighteen years old, where young Shubh is portrayed to have blood that runs as cold as ice, quite contrary to how people of his age are referred to as “the angry young men.” A merciless, ruthless, and cruel lad; he earned the nickname of ‘Asur’ from his father.
Flash forward to the present day, where we see Nikhil returning to work with the CBI. Meanwhile, DJ receives a mysterious, horrifying envelope from an unidentified person. It contains a brief clip which shows that the charred body whose autopsy he performed just recently, was that of his wife, Sandhya.
As DJ’s loved one is now involved and he is quite directly connected to the case, he finds himself unable to put the pieces together. Therefore, Nikhil steps in and decides to take over. However, when Nikhil starts to investigate the matter – due to possible hints and clues, he concludes that Dhananjay was instead, the murderer.
DJ gets arrested by the cops and thrown into the jail. In the last shot of the episode, the camera pans out to a mysterious man witnessing it all.

Episode 3: “Peek – A – Boo”

Recap:Throwback to eighteen years ago, where we start exactly where we left Shubh’s deranged behaviour. Turns out that he had autism, thanks to his father’s constant torturous treatment towards him.
Autism is a condition in which a person suffers from challenges while socializing, exhibit repetitive, a pattern like behaviour, speech, and almost non-verbal communication. And Shubh was exactly that non-communicative, reserved, with a mind so evil with all his wrongdoings justified, that it puts you in a state of psychological horror.
With Dhananjay barred behind bars, it leads to Nikhil believing that he has it under control. That the case is solved and there’s no other stone left to unturn and the culprit is a captive now. However, things take a turn when he sees three new, mysterious co-ordinates pop up from the same unidentified source.
And the pattern is the same. The killer murders random people as if it’s a child play and random locations, without a sense of guilt, hesitation, or fear.

Episode 4: “Ashes From The Past”

Recap:Eleven years ago when the puja scene is shown again, we get to know that it was Dhananjay who was performing the ceremonial rituals. However, while doing the rituals, Dhananjay feels there’s something odd about Shubh’s behaviour. The unidentified person that we see during the pilot episode, conducting the puja with Shubh and his father was Dhananjay himself.
After the sad demise of Shubh’s father, Dhananjay breaks the great revelation to everyone. He confirms that the death wasn’t due to him drowning, but rather due to him being poisoned. Flash forward to the present timeline, where we see Nikhil questing the killer’s actual location.
Nikhil almosts locate it all, however, an automated tranquillizer shot hits him, making him thump on the floor unconscious. The mysterious killer completes his mission, which was to capture Nikhil and keep him as a captive.
By the end of the episode, it all boils down to one-word helplessness. With Nikhil held captive in a remote location and Dhananjay locked behind bars, there’s no way anyone else could get any leads as to who the murderer is. However, Dhananjay, even behind those iron rails, tries to decode how every incident is connected, to find whatever leads possible.

Episode 5: “The Devil Has A Face”

Recap:Switching back to eleven years again, it is found that Shubh was behind the murder of his own father and thus, is put behind bars. But there was not a mark or remorse or regret on his face, neither was there any dismay. Instead, a fellow inmate decides to become his first disciple, and Shubh starts preaching his mind to many.
However, the CBI now commands Dhananjay to work on the leftover case from inside the jail quite a tough one. While Dhananjay is at it, working his way through to find the serial killer, he meets a motivational speaker whose roots belong to spiritualism, called as Kesar Bharadwaj.
Elsewhere, Naina is seen to arrive with her daughter Ria, both in search for their husband and father respectively, Nikhil. When Naina gets to know that Nikhil has gone missing in action, she enters a state of incomprehensible shock. Dhananjay’s team tries their best to empathize with her, and Nushrat successfully calms Naina down.
Dhananjay appoints his co-worker, Lolark, to fly to Banaras and dig deeper into the case especially regarding Shubh’s background and his whereabouts. This starts to happen when Kesar tips Dhananjay with the idea that maybe, Dhananjay’s past with Shubh is connected and that’s exactly what is fueling the whole murder case.
Dhananjay along with his team, which includes Nikhil’s former lover Nushrat, professional hacker Rasool Shaikh and a few other officers all who report directly to Lolark, or rather, work directly under him dig much deeper into the case. They all brainstorm together to find the connection between the victims and the murderer. To their astonishment, none of the victims had any criminal records or wrongful intentions. All had a clean slate, and all were majorly innocent people.
Meanwhile, Nikhil gets blackmailed by the killer who threatens him that he would kill his wife Naina and his daughter Ria. In deep fear regarding his beloved people’s safety, he helps the murderer establish his next mission; the murder of a neuroscientist.
Dhananjay finds a mysterious clue, which hints that Nikhil is alive, and he also has a hand in the recent murder.

Episode 6: “The Firewall”

Recap:Back to ten years ago, we see the police handcuffing Shubh and throwing him behind the rails. The officer informs them about the wrongdoing of Shubh, most of which stemmed from evil and eery manipulation.
He confirms that Shubh taught his inmates, and eventually made them slice their fingers off. This was a pattern noticed in the murders too in all the victims of the recent chain of killings by the mysterious man. The officer also informed that Shubh had a fascination towards asuras, which made him quite devotedly and dedicatedly read numerous scriptures.
When Lolark investigates Shubh’s grandfather, he gets to know what gave rise to the bitterness and sourness of the father-son duo. Basically, according to Hindu astrology, Shubh was born on the day ‘Asur’, the supervillain of the other world was born.
However, his father wanted him to be born on the day of the Devtas instead which made him look down upon his son and call him insulting names like ‘Asur’ or ‘Raakshas’. The unjustifiable torture that his father inflicted upon his made Asur resent him, and eventually kill him.
Lolark and Dhananjay finally conclude that they need to take a walk into Asur’s mind and understand his thought process, to find out what kind of Asur is he aspiring to be.
Elsewhere, Nikhil is assigned with a new mission to kill Jalan, who is a businessman willing to donate a generous amount to charity. Dhananjay figures out that all these murders happened to people who belonged to a certain zodiac sign, and concludes Jalan is next. However, he is unable to save him, even after repeated attempts.

Episode 7: “Let There Be Darkness”

Recap:Devastated of having failed even when he was almost close to saving Jalan, Dhananjay seeks the help of Kesar again. Kesar reveals that the murders are happening to people of a certain astrological sign. Already knowing that he’s next on the murderer’s radar having found out the truth, Dhananjay asks Naina to manipulate the NIC instead, who hesitantly agrees.
She gets a call from the kidnapper who connects her to Nikhil and feels relieved to know that he is alive, when though the call drops in some time. In a quick flashback, we get to know that Nikhil had met Shubh in prison who promised to help him out, to which Shubh assured that he’d come back. Nikhil gets a hint that his kidnapper might be Shubh but finds himself unable to communicate.

Episode 8: “End Is The Beginning”

Recap:10 years back, Nikhil figured out that Dhananjay had framed the evidence to set up Shubh as the culprit. Dhananjay’s murder is Nikhil’s next assignment, to which he says he’d have to go to jail. The killer enters the jail but just as when he’s about to kill DJ, he gets tied up by him instead. With the killer still in jail, Nikhil finds a way out to escape. Dhananjay learns that there aren’t one, but many Shubhs as Kesar was the culprit behind his wife’s demise.
Lolark starts to get suspicious about the scar on Rasool’s hand, but he successfully manages to divert the topic. Meanwhile, Nikhil escapes but fails to save the captives, who are seen to have their own little fatal fight.
Elsewhere, Lolark and Rasool find out the whereabouts of the murderer, and the former accidentally stumbles across Rasool’s notebook which is full of drawings similar to the ones mentioned by Shubh’s grandfather. Rasool then confesses that he is Shubh in disguise.
And all the pieces start falling into place. Shubh confesses that he has a spiritual cult, and Kesar is one of his disciples who is also one of his first followers who came to learn his preachings in jail. Nikhil reunites with Naina, while DJ gets tied up and held captive, almost unconscious after gulping down the tablets he was given. However, Nushrat and the other officers come just in time to save Dhananjay.
Shubh gives Nikhil a choice between Ria and the captives, and Nikhil sacrifices Ria who then dies after having her food which was strategically poisoned. On the other hand, the female journalist in the group of captives shoots the Islamic preacher dead, while Shubh kills Lolark by killing him.
In the end, we see Nikhil and DJ enter a cold war upon the great revelation, as Nikhil now blames DJ for his mistake done ten years ago that cost him his daughter’s life. The last shot shows the camera focusing on Shubh who stares at DJ which only hints at unfinished business. So fans, watch out there’s sure to be in asur season 2 full episodes! Till then you can download asur season 1 and start binge-watching.

How To Download Asur In 2024?

To download Asur online, you need to follow the below-given steps.
Step 1)As Asur is Voot Seleclusive web series, it’s also the first-ever web series from the Voot platform. One needs to download and install the Voot official app on their device.
Step 2)After downloading and installing the Voot app, open it.
Step 3)After opening, go to the register account section and create your account there.
Step 4)If you have already an account with them, simply sign in to your account.
Step 5)After login, on the homepage itself you will be able to see Asur web series poster, tap on it.
Step 6)Once there, you can start binge-watching it or download offline to watch it later without a data connection.


That’s it! That’s all we’ve got for best Bollywoodwebseries which is Asur series index and we too cannot wait for the up and coming season. With unfinished businesses, murder mysteries, and a dynamic plot this series seems quite promising.
Hop onto the links and start watching asur web series free in 2020, if you haven’t yet because trust us you cannot afford to miss this masterpiece out! Also, you can download the asur web series online now.

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