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Index of Legacies Series Season 1 To Season 2 [With Cast & Season Recap]

Check the Index of Legacies Season 1, 2 and a quick recap of all two seasons with plot, cast details, download and online streaming availability in 2020.

Author:Andrew Stevenson
Reviewer:Johnathan Miller
Sep 17, 2020
A classic spin-off of its sister shows The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, this series is a must-watch series on Netflixonline. It features characters from both the series and new ones too! The journey of Hope starts where it was left off in the finale season of The Originals.
Transporting you in a world of witches, werewolves, and vampires this series will make your jaw drop. It depicts how supernatural beings learn to control their powers while also having a humane side. With magnetic love chemistries between characters and surprising sacrifices, Legacies will keep you glued to your screen for hours at end.
Legacies series poster
Legacies series poster
The fantasy drama was created by Julie Plec and was aired on The CW. It’s soon going to get released it’s season three in January 2021, which is officially confirmed by this show makers. But for now, if you’ve decided to binge-watch all seasons online then here’s a snippet of the episodes for a small recap!
  • Genre:Drama, Fantasy, Adventure
  • IMDb Rating: 7.5/10
  • **Written By: ** Julie Plec, Brett Matthews, Marguerite MacIntyre, Marisa Coughlan
  • Directed By: Michael Karasick, Jeffrey G. Hunt, Lauren Petzke, Paul Wesley
  • Available Platforms: Netflix & Amazon Prime
  • Total Seasons:2
  • Total Episodes: 33 Episodes
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Legacies Series List Of All Cast & Characters

  • Danielle Rose Russell As Hope Mikaelson
Hope mikaelson character pic
Hope mikaelson character pic
  • Kaylee Bryant As Josie Saltzman
Josie saltzman character pic
Josie saltzman character pic
  • Jenny Boyd As Lizzie Saltzman
Lizzie saltzman character pic
Lizzie saltzman character pic
  • Matthew Davis As Alaric Saltzman
Alaric saltzman character pic
Alaric saltzman character pic
  • Aria Shahghasemi As Landon Kirby
Landon kirby character pic
Landon kirby character pic
  • Quincy Fouse As Milton Greasley
Milton greasley character pic
Milton greasley character pic
  • Peyton Alex Smith As Rafael Waithe
Rafael waithe character pic
Rafael waithe character pic
  • Chris De’Sean Lee As Kaleb
Kaleb character pic
Kaleb character pic

Thomas Doherty As Sebastian

Sebastian character pic
Sebastian character pic
  • Lulu Antariksa As Penelope Park
Penelope park character pic
Penelope park character pic
  • Demetrius Bridges As Dorian Williams
Dorian williams character pic
Dorian williams character pic
  • Zach Roerig As Matt Donovan
Matt donovan character pic
Matt donovan character pic

Index Of Legacies (Season 1 To Season 2)

Index Of Legacies Series Season 1

Index of Legacies season 1 poster
Index of Legacies season 1 poster
  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
| | Name of The Episode| Availability| | --- | --- | --- | | Episode 1| This is the Part Where You Run | Watch It Now| | Episode 2| Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn | Watch It Now| | Episode 3| We're Being Punked, Pedro | Watch It Now| | Episode 4| Hope is Not the Goal | Watch It Now| | Episode 5| Malivore | Watch It Now| | Episode 6| Mombie Dearest | Watch It Now| | Episode 7| Death Keeps Knocking On My Door | Watch It Now| | Episode 8| Maybe I Should Start From The End | Watch It Now| | Episode 9| What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams? | Watch It Now| | Episode 10| There's a World Where Your Dreams Come True | Watch It Now| | Episode 11| We're Gonna Need a Spotlight | Watch It Now| | Episode 12| There's A Mummy On Main Street | Watch It Now| | Episode 13| The Boy Who Still Has A Lot of Good To Do | Watch It Now| | Episode 14| Let's Just Finish the Dance | Watch It Now| | Episode 15| I'll Tell You a Story | Watch It Now| | Episode 16| There's Always a Loophole | Watch It Now|

Episode 1: This Is The Part Where You Run

Episode Recap:Hope stumbles upon Landon, who is one of her old friends and Rafael’s foster brother. Hope reveals the secret of her having supernatural powers to Landon. Landon steals a knife, and suddenly, his bus blows up. Hope gets hold of the knife and vows to find his whereabouts.

Episode 2: Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn

Episode Recap:Alaric, Hope, and Rafael start searching for Landon. In the course of their search, they find out another girl who survived the explosion. Upon being discovered, Landon admits that he does not remember stealing the knife. The episode ends with the foster brothers splitting up.

Episode 3: We’re Being Punked, Pedro

Episode Recap:Landon and Rafel set off to the woods, where Raefel uses his powers to mint money. Landon saves Rafel from a dangerous message on the note. On the other hand, Dana, Sasha, and Connor get preyed upon by a mysterious creature.

Episode 4: Hope Is Not The Goal

Episode Recap:Dana goes missing, and people set out to search for her. MG confirms that Kaleb has been feeding on Dana, and consequently, other fellow humans too. This makes everyone doubt Kaleb, but he denies these accusations. In the end, Dana comes back from the forest but starts vomiting. Ultimately, she dies.

Episode 5: Malivore

Episode Recap:When Jed refuses to let Landon stay, Rafael throws him an open challenge for alpha’s title and wins. Meanwhile, Dorian and Alaric capture a dryad and learn that the dryad wanted the knife Landon stole, and thus kill her.

Episode 6: Mombie Dearest

Episode Recap:Jo transforms into a full-fledged zombie and attempts to murder Josie. MG, Penelope, and Hope save Josie, and Jo makes them draw away her powers. Before her death, she learns that Alaric hasn’t told their daughters of what awaits them when they come of 22 years of age.

Episode 7: Death Keeps Knocking On My Door

Episode Recap:Hope is seen in a bar where she says that she was willing to know about her dad. Upon coming back to her senses, Hope accuses Alaric of being an alcoholic while Alaric rebukes her for her actions. Hope learns that the knife is a lock of Malivore and that Cassie was on a mission to steal it.

Episode 8: Maybe I Should Start From The End

Episode Recap:Seylah confesses that she is Landon’s mother. She tells the story of how she was exiled to Malivore, so she gave up Landon for foster care. She goes back to prevent Landon from facing any more hassles.

Episode 9: What Was Hope Doing In Your Dreams?

Episode Recap:Landon sees a nightmare where he wakes up to almost stabbing himself to death. He figures out that they are dealing with a dream demon. In the end, it gets killed by Hope and Alaric.

Episode 10: There’s A World Where Your Dreams Come True

Episode Recap:Lizzie gets three wishes, and all her wishes make things go awry. She uses her final wish to free the djinn and wakes up with no memories of the events whatsoever.

Episode 11: We’re Gonna Need A Spotlight

Episode Recap:Hope gets contaminated with the slug creature, and another one gets passed on to Josie. Hope ends up electrocuting herself and thus ejects the beast. The slug gets killed, and all head over to Dorian.

Episode 12: There’s A Mummy On Main Street

Episode Recap:A multitude of insects attack the town, and to put an end to it all, Hope and her friends will have to kill the mummy that caused it. After killing it, Clarke blackmails Alaric into handing over the urn.

Episode 13: The Boy Who Still Has A Lot Of Good To Do

Episode Recap:The foster-brothers take the initiative to make MG confront her parents and seek closure. MG’s father loses it when he gets to know he is a vampire. This compels MG to transform into a ripper and kill Landon. Landon comes alive from mere ashes – and reveals that he is a phoenix.

Episode 14: Let’s Just Finish The Dance

Episode Recap:A new character is introduced who befriends MG, called Nia. It is later revealed that she is a gorgon. Hope and Landon have a terrible fight over Roman, and while Landon heads out, Nia attacks him. However, MG comes to the rescue and learns that Nia was threatened to target Landon.

Episode 15: I’ll Tell You A Story

Episode Recap:Clark reveals to Landon about the history and motives of Malivore. He also confesses that he is Landon’s half brother and that Landon is Malivore’s son. Clark manipulates Landon into finding the final key.

Episode 16: There’s Always A Loophole

Episode Recap:The Horseman takes Landon and the final key to the Triad facility, however, Hope and Landon kill him. Clarke throws the arrowhead into the puddle, which awakens Malivore. Hope casts a spell on Clarke that makes him jump into the puddle, and she also kills Landon. You can stream Legacies Season 1 in Netflix Or Amazon Prime online.

Index Of Legacies Series Season 2

Index of Legacies season 2 poster
Index of Legacies season 2 poster
  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
| | Name of The Episode| Availability| | --- | --- | --- | | Episode 1| I'll Never Give Up Hope | Watch It Now| | Episode 2| This Year Will Be Different | Watch It Now| | Episode 3| You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know | Watch It Now| | Episode 4| Since When Do You Speak Japanese? | Watch It Now| | Episode 5| Screw Endgame | Watch It Now| | Episode 6| That's Nothing I Had to Remember | Watch It Now| | Episode 7| It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough | Watch It Now| | Episode 8| This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent | Watch It Now| | Episode 9| I Couldn't Have Done This Without You | Watch It Now| | Episode 10| This is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies | Watch It Now| | Episode 11| What Cupid Problem? | Watch It Now| | Episode 12| Kai Parker Screwed Us | Watch It Now| | Episode 13| You Can't Save Them All | Watch It Now| | Episode 14| There's a Place Where the Lost Things Go | Watch It Now| | Episode 15| Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself | Watch It Now| | Episode 16| Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing | Watch It Now| | Episode 101| Legacies: 2019 Comic-Con Panel | Watch It Now|

Episode 1: I’ll Never Give Up Hope

Episode Recap:Clarke and Hope are seen stuck in Malivore’s system, but Hope manages to get out without Clarke. It agitates Clarke, and he makes it a point to kill her, and thus returns to the real world.

Episode 2: This Year Will Be Different

Episode Recap:The whole city is attacked by a cyclops who gets defeated by Hope and Alaric. Hope reveals to Alaric how she and Landon were close, in an emotional meltdown. She also says that she was Hayley and Klaus’ child, and thus Alaric promises to help her figure it all out.

Episode 3: You Remind Me Of Someone I Used To Know

Episode Recap:The annual flag football game sees the witches and vampires use their powers to win by unfair means. It is revealed that a shunka warakinhad assaulted Dennis. Landon apprehends that the Malivore behemoths have returned.

Episode 4: Since When Do You Speak Japanese?

Episode Recap:A Kurutta is seen prowling about in search of the Oni, which had taken over Rafael. Landon gets possessed by Oni, and kills the Kurutta. However, it possesses Lizzie before Josie siphons it.

Episode 5: Screw Endgame

Episode Recap:Lizzie and Hope get thrown into an alternate dimension by The Keeper, who wants to replace either of them. Hope and Lizzie both express their desire to be The Keeper. However, in the end, they fool The Keeper and escape.

Episode 6: That’s Nothing I Had To Remember

Episode Recap:A zombie has entered the city and threatens its peace. A Croatian is seen feeding on people who get killed with the help of Sebastian. He finally tells Lizzie about himself.

Episode 7: It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough

Episode Recap:Hope, Lizzie, and Josie need to kill a sphinx, who poses a threat to the city. Clarke tries to murder Hope, but Simulation saves her and beats Clarke. Meanwhile, Alaric and Clarke learn that the Sphinx has another boss, and it’s not Malivore.

Episode 8: This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent

Episode Recap:It is unveiled that The Red Hood is the Necromancer, who murders Clarke. He throws Clarke back to Malivore’s portal and closes it forever.

Episode 9: I Couldn’t Have Done This Without You

Episode Recap:A year has passed, and the Necromancer is now in a human body, called Ted. He desperately tries to regain his power and learns that the portal has been closed. He kills his friend to gain his power back and goes back to Mystic Falls.

Episode 10: This Is Why We Don’t Entrust Plans To Muppet Babies

Episode Recap:The Necromancer releases the Qareen to steal the Mora Mysterium. The Qareen creates havoc by turning everyone against each other. Wade successfully kills the Qareen, revealing that he is a fairy.

Episode 11: What Cupid Problem?

Episode Recap:Cupid turns up in Mystic Falls and starts shooting everyone. Landon confronts the Cupid and engages in a battle, and Hope arrives to stop him from shooting Landon. Ultimately, Landon dies after killing Cupid but revives later.

Episode 12: Kai Parker Screwed Us

Episode Recap:Josie, Alaric, Lizzie, and Sebastian are locked up in prison. Josie realizes that she would have to break the sand clock and become dark to let everyone out. As Josie breaks into pieces, Kai plunges into the pit. He awakens in Mystic Falls at the Malivore pit.

Episode 13: You Can’t Save Them All

Episode Recap:Kai manipulates Landon in following the path towards the arrow, which throws Hope into a dilemma. She chooses to save Saltzmans instead of Landon. Dorian takes the arrow instead of Landon and saves him. On the other hand, Alaric kills Kai.

Episode 14: There’s A Place Where The Lost Things Go

Episode Recap:During a therapy session with Emma, everyone is transported to a virtual reality that they need to escape. Everyone regains consciousness and comes back, except Hope, Lizzie, and Josie. In the end, it is unveiled that Josie is dark, and the whole school starts burning.

Episode 15: Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself

Episode Recap:In the process of the Merge between Lizzie and Josie, we get to know that Lizzie was linked to Landon all this while. Meanwhile, Rafael gets to know how he was murdered by the Necromancer. He thus kills his foster brother with a golden arrow.

Episode 16: Facing Darkness Is Kinda My Thing

Episode Recap:The Necromancer promises of reviving the students only if gets Josie’s dark magic. Hope enters subconsciousness and motivates Josie to vanquish her dark self by trusting herself. Josie successfully does so and transfers her dark magic to the Necromancer. The finale ends with a cliffhanger, with Hope and Landon not waking up. You can stream Legacies Season 2 in Netflix Or Amazon Prime online.

FAQs About The Index Of Legacies [Season 1-2]

1. Where To Watch And Download Index Of Legacies Season 1 To 2 Online?

Legacies is a popular drama fantasy and adventure show with all two seasons available on Netflix App and Amazon prime to watch online anytime. you can watch Legacies all seasons on Netflix with the subtitles in Engish in HD Premium quality. The show is currently streaming on Netflix and Prime to watch online or download in HD quality.

2. Is It Possible To Download All Legacies Seasons Online?

Yes, you can download all seasons of Legacies Online on Netflix app. Follow these steps for Legacies to download on Netflix app:
  • Login Netflix app and search for “Legacies” show in the search bar.
  • Click on the poster and select the season from the dropdown menu to watch online.
  • Download all the episodes using the “Download Now” option within the app and watch it anytime.

3. Where To Find Index Of Legacies And Quick Recap Of All Seasons?

If you are looking for a quick season recap and all episodes of Legacies Season 1 to 2, it is mentioned in this article for your ease. Check it out to get a quick summary of the series.

4. Is Legacies Series Worth Watching Now?

Legacies Show is one of the popular and interesting shows on Netflix which highlights some fantasy kind of willingness in each character. If you love watching series like The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, then you must watch this new side dark undertaking TV show Legacies. Thinking about specific characters in both past season, this new series has huge plans for the fans with their upheld characters reestablished in it.

5. Will There Be Legacies Series Season 3?

Yes, based on demand by all the fans for Legacies series this show producers have already planned to telecast the third season this year, but some post-production work got delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation and this show will be aired in January 2021 which is good newsfor all the audience who are eagerly waiting for its release.

Sum Up

Legacies is an absolute delight and uphold the degree of adventure and fast-paced nature just like its sister shows. Since the season 2 was left on a cliff-hanger, there’s sure to be a season 3 with more mysteries and secrets! But till then, get some popcorn, sit back, and binge this critically acclaimed show. Take our word, you wouldn’t want to miss a masterpiece like this one.

Disclaimer (Important)

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