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Index of You Season 1 To 2 (With Cast, All Seasons & Episodes Recap)

Check out the index of you series season 1 to 2 and a quick recap of all twenty episodes with cast, online streaming and download availability in 2020.

Author:Andrew Stevenson
Reviewer:Johnathan Miller
Oct 22, 2020
The American psychological thriller: You TV series is about an obsessive man who can just go about any limits to get what he wants, all to himself. Even if it includes murder, this latest Netflix original You is one of the most-watched series of all time, You is always good to Binge-watch on Netflixduring a sleepover session with your friends on Saturday nights.
If you haven’t watched it yet, we have brought to you a detailed Index of You on Netflix to help you through. Check You series index online now.
You series poster
You series poster
  • Genre:Drama, Crime, Romance
  • IMDb Rating: 7.8/10
  • Written By:Greg Berlanti, Sera Gamble
  • Directed By: Lee Toland Krieger, Marcos Siega, Vic Mahoney, Silver Tree, Cherie Nowlan
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime
  • Total Seasons:2 Seasons
  • Total Episodes: 20 Episodes
  • Running Period:2018-2020
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You TV Series Cast & All Characters List

  • Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg
Joe Goldberg
Joe Goldberg
  • Elizabeth Lail as Guinevere Beck
Guinevere Beck
Guinevere Beck
  • Luca Padovan as Paco
  • Zach Cherry as Ethan
  • Shay Mitchell as Peach Salinger
Peach Salinger
Peach Salinger
  • Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn
Love Quinn
Love Quinn
  • Jenna Ortega as Ellie Alves
Ellie Alves 
Ellie Alves 
  • James Scully as Forty Quinn
Forty Quinn 
Forty Quinn 
  • Ambyr Childers as Candace Stone
Candace Stone
Candace Stone
  • Carmela Zumbado as Delilah Alves
Delilah Alves
Delilah Alves
  • Daniel Cosgrove as Ron
  • Kathryn Gallagher as Annika Atwater
Annika Atwater 
Annika Atwater 
  • Nicole Kangas Lynn Lieser
Lynn Lieser
Lynn Lieser
  • Victoria Cartagena as Claudia
  • Mark Blum as Mr Mooney
Mr Mooney
Mr Mooney
  • Hari Nef as Blythe

Index Of You Series (Complete Season 1 & 2)

Index Of You TV Show: Season 1

You season 1
You season 1
  • Number of Episodes: 10
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime
| | Name of The Episode| Availability| | --- | --- | --- | | Episode 1| Pilot | Watch It Now| | Episode 2| The Last Nice Guy in New York | Watch It Now| | Episode 3| Maybe | Watch It Now| | Episode 4| The Captain | Watch It Now| | Episode 5| Living with the Enemy | Watch It Now| | Episode 6| Amour Fou | Watch It Now| | Episode 7| verythingship | Watch It Now| | Episode 8| You Got Me, Babe | Watch It Now| | Episode 9| Candace | Watch It Now| | Episode 10| Bluebeard's Castle | Watch It Now|
Overview:A young bookstore manager falls in love with an aspiring writer, but just how far can one go for love?

Episode 1: Pilot

Recap:A bookstore manager named Joe Goldberg meets an aspiring writer Guinevere Beck; which prompts him to dig deeper into her identity or stalk her, eventually leading to him following her around.
And the physical stalking even involves spying on her social life and breaking into her apartment and going through her things when she is not home. One day she is drunk and she falls onto the subway but gets saved by Beck and taken home.
He steals her phone and gets access to all her contacts, work, and everything since it was synced to her old one too. After that, Beck goes to the bookstore again to thank Joe, prompting Joe to ask her out. However, she was kind of seeing Benji, who was really her philandering boyfriend, at the most.
Joe locks Benji up for days in a cage in the basement of his shop, and then hits his head with a mallet and kills him by poisoning him.

Episode 2: The Last Nice Guy In New York

Recap:We see Beck being manipulated into having a physical relationship with the professor, but she rejects them. This makes Professor Leahy threaten her to fire her from her assistant teaching job.
Beck then tells the Professor that if he does so, she will expose his inappropriate advances to the world, along with what he did to six other women who worked instead of her, previously. Meanwhile, Beck’s rich friend Peach starts to get suspicious about Joe.

Episode 3: Maybe

Recap:Joe plans to get rid of Benji’s dead body and is simultaneously disappointed that Beck is continuing having physical relations with other men, to forget Benji.
Joe also overhears her conversation with her friends where she tells them that she is not sure about Joe, and he is a “maybe” to her. Beck gradually opens up to Joe, and then talks about her toxic father and they start to make love but get interrupted by Peach as she needed medical attention due to a chronic disease she was suffering from.
Meanwhile, Joe burns the body of Benji in the woods while talking to Beck on the call, and has a narrow escape from getting caught by the hikers. Beck then invites Joe to her apartment, and they end up making love.

Episode 4: The Captain

Recap:Joe sees the texts Beck sent to her friends about how disappointed she was with his lovemaking, as he still had her old phone. He also sees that she had scheduled a meeting with an older guy named “The Captain”, about whom she lies to her friends too.
This makes Joe stalk Beck around to the Charles Dickens Festival in Nyack, and he gets to know that it was her father whom she was meeting, Edward. Peach gets to know about Joe’s whereabouts in Nyack which makes Joe show up to Beck.
They go on a dinner with Edward and his family, but Beck explodes on her stepmom’s critical and insulting remarks. She then opens up to Joe telling him that her father left the family after a drug overdose, and even though he was over the addiction, she preferred keeping him at a distance emotionally. The scene builds up to the two making love again, this time to Beck’s satisfaction.

Episode 5: Living With The Enemy

Recap:Peach gets more and more suspicious about Joe and tries to warn Beck. However, she arranges a meeting of Beck with a popular literary agent, who in turn thrashes Beck and insults her and tells her how much Peach has made criticizing comments about her.
This makes Beck mad at peach and she blows upon her too. Peach fakes a suicide, which Joe gets to know. Joe accesses her laptop and realizes that she is infatuated with Beck, and gets jealous because he knows that she would always have Beck’s attention.
Thus, he follows her on her morning run and hits her with a rock, on her head. Joe gets home, just in time to realize that paco had drugged Ron to protect mom. Joe saves Ron somehow but gets beaten up instead. He later realizes that peach is alive. watch this index of latest tv series online by clicking on the below button.

Episode 6: Amour Fou

Recap:Peach stays with Beck while she recovers and they keep Joe at bay. Prach also calls in Raj, Beck’s old friend over for dinner one night, and suggests they have a threesome to which Beck says no.
She leaves the room to text Joe. The next morning, she confronts Peach about the kiss and leaves in anger. Peach finds out that Joe has been snooping around and she pulls out a gun. Both of them wrestle for the gun, but Joe manages to get a hold of it and shoots Peach.
On Peach’s laptop, he types in a suicide note, framing it all up. The cops believe that Peach committed suicide, and thus let the case go.

Episode 7: Everything Ship

Recap:Joe books an appointment with Dr Nicky, whom he visits under the name Paul. He then names Beck as “Renaldo” and starts narrating his story to him, saying that after Peach’s death, things were fine and finally better but recently it wasn’t so.
That Beck was acting more distant, moody and secretive than normal which wasn’t her usual self. Joe follows Beck around, but she catches him doing so, which makes Joe accuse her of cheating. Frustrated, Beck breaks up with Joe.
After the meeting, he hacks into Dr.Nicky’s computer and gets to know that Beck and Nicky slept together. It also makes him realize that she is better off without him, and thus, he lets her go.

Episode 8: You Got Me, Babe

Recap:Three months post that incident Joe is seen happy in a satisfying relationship with Karen. However, Beck starts to miss him and makes advances after running into him near a food truck. Joe meets Dr Nicky and tells him, or rather compares his former love Renaldo (beck) with his present one, Brad (Karen).
He realizes that he still feels for Joe when they hit it off again when they help Blythe move in with Ethan. They again make love to each other, which makes Beck cry and admit that she did him wrong and she loved him truly, but she was scared of needing him so much.
Joe breaks up with Karen and gets back with Beck. Karen starts confronting Beck, which makes her suspicious of Joe’s past.

You Season 1 Episode 9: Candace

Recap:Joe was previously in a relationship with Candace, who cheated on him with Elijah, prompting him to push him into a river and thus end his life. However, he is reluctant to open up about her past with Candace to Beck.
Intrigued, Beck starts her own investigation as to why no one sees Candace ever, but to no avail. Finding a dead end, she decides to confront Joe. Joe gives a fake explanation to satisfy her and then takes her to meet his father figure Mooney (who is now dumb due to a stroke) and the original owner of the bookshop.
Something that Paco says makes Beck go into Joe’s hiding place where she finds her old phone, Peach and Nicky’s laptop and other horrifying stuff. When Joe realizes that Beck has found out about it all, he locks her up in the book vault.

You Season 1 Episode 10: Bluebeard’s Castle

Recap:Joe gets to know from Annika and Lynn that Peach’s family has invested in an investigator to find out her murdered. Beck starts to write about her own actions that led to a series of misfortunes, and she proposes that Joe uses Nicky as a scapegoat.
She somehow makes Joe believe that she is happy and grateful for whatever he has done and manipulates him into opening the vault. She lures him inside and locks him up, and calls Paco out who thinks she knows about Ron and decides to leave.
Meanwhile, Joe frees himself from the vault and murders Beck. Four months post that incident, Joe has written a book framing Nicky for all of his murders instead. Candance walks into his bookstore and tells him that they have some unfinished business to resolve. it’s very easy to watch You series in 2020.

Index Of Series You: Season 2

You season 2
You season 2
  • Number of Episodes: 10
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime
| | Name of The Episode| Availability| | --- | --- | --- | | Episode 1| A Fresh Start | Watch It Now| | Episode 2| Just the Tip | Watch It Now| | Episode 3| What Are Friends For? | Watch It Now| | Episode 4| The Good, the Bad, & the Hendy | Watch It Now| | Episode 5| Have a Good Wellkend, Joe! | Watch It Now| | Episode 6| Farewell, My Bunny | Watch It Now| | Episode 7| Ex-istential Crisis| Watch It Now| | Episode 8| Fear and Loathing in Beverly Hills | Watch It Now| | Episode 9| P.I. Joe | Watch It Now| | Episode 10| Love, Actually | Watch It Now|
Overview:Joe flees from the city in the fear of being exposed by his former girlfriend Candace, hiding away from his crimes that he committed in season 1. But he falls in love with another local, called Love and his obsessive patterns resurface, spinning a new story.

Episode 1: A Fresh Start

Recap:After a brief yet devastating encounter with his former girlfriend Candace, Joe runs away to Los Angeles from New York and takes up the name Will, solely because Candace threatens to ruin his life.
He then gets a job at Anavrin, a book cafe owned by a trendy little family. He meets Love who works in the kitchen, a bubbly and chirpy local whose advances she overlooks while getting to know his fifteen-year-old neighbour Ellie Alves.
Surprisingly, Ellie even teaches Joe to make a good social media presence. After this, Love takes Joe out on a food tour and he starts to feel attracted towards her.
He then meets Will whom he had locked up in plexiglass, the actual Will, and recalls how he saw Love and immediately felt attracted towards her, and thus followed her around to get a job at the same cafe where she worked and an apartment right opposite her’s.

Episode 2: Just The Tip

Recap:Flashback of Joe’s help the audience learn how he arrived at LA and assumed the identity of Will, who sold clean identities. But having done so came with its own set of misfortunes, like getting his pinky’s joint cut off by Jasper whom Will owed $50,000.
Continuing on his usual stalk-quest, he sees Love with her friends, Lucy, a Hollywoodagent Sunrise, Love’s girlfriend; and Gabe, Love’s pansexual best friend. However, Joe always kept seeing Beck from time to time, popping up at all the moments he felt guilty or sceptical.
Later, Joe and Love have a fight where she gets upset about something regarding him. Joe then admits that he genuinely wanted both of them to be friends as he was afraid of hurting her. After this, he re-attaches his finger joint and crumbles Jasper’s body in the meat grinder of the Anavrin Kitchen.
Meanwhile, Delilah, Joe’s older sister who is also a reporter, opens up to Joe about her being raped at 17.

Episode 3: What Are Friends For?

Recap:Joe meets Love’s self-obsessed twin, Forty, who was an aspiring producer, director and writer. He tries to reconcile with Love but she was way too cold to let him do that. Meanwhile, he sees Ellie hanging out with Henderson and promises himself to protect her.
He somehow manages to get into his party, where Forty goes too, to pitch his idea to him. However, he gets too drug-fueled and goes into a bad state, so Joe gets him home safe and calls Love.
After that, Love and Joe make love to each other, and Joe sees a whole different side to her. Joe provides Will with his meds and asks him to retrieve information from Henderson’s laptop, and promises to let him go post that provided he vowed to keep his mouth shut.

Episode 4: The Good, The Bad, & The Hendy

Recap:Joe manages to win Love’s friends over, and meanwhile, Will helps Joe break into Henderson’s house from the vault. He then goes into the secret “kinky” room and sees a ton of polaroids of unconscious women, including Delilah’s.
He then takes it all with him and leaves one and Delilah’s doorstep so that she can expose Henderson. He also gets to know that Ellie outsmarted him and disabled the spyware and goes to Henderson’s apartment.
He sees from the window spiking Ellie’s drink, and thus, he does the same to Henderson as well. However, he accidentally knocks him down the stairs and kills him. Elsewhere, Love and Forty were out at a film festival, where Forty meets an attractive woman Amy, who was Candace in actuality. Meanwhile, he lets Will as the latter confirms that he would stay shut about Joe.

Episode 5: Have A Good Weekend, Joe!

Recap:Joe accompanies Love to visit her family, and Forty brings along Candace. Joe learns that Candace found his whereabouts by seeing an online viral video where Forty spiralled in Henderson’s party.
She recalls how Joe buried him, however, she was alive and crawled back into existence. Candace’s presence puts Joe on edge, not helping his situation, on top of which Love’s dysfunctional, toxic family wasn’t helping either.
After a devastating confrontation and angry slurs, Joe tells Love that he loves her. Candace somehow convinces Forty to adopt Joe’s book into a place, and elsewhere, the police suspect that Henderson’s death wasn’t a suicide, but a murder. you can not only watch but also can download you online using Netflix offline feature in 2020.

Episode 6: Farewell, My Bunny

Recap:The group attend Henderson’s funeral which compels Love to reminisce about her former husband. Love catches Candace’s little lie and hires a private investigator to look into the matter.
One day, Candace breaks into Joe’s apartment when he was out to eliminate her at her’s, and finds Love already waiting there. When Love confronts Candace, the latter tells everything about their past.
This compels Love to confront Joe too, but Joe successfully manages to convince her otherwise. However, Love breaks ties off with Joe nonetheless, but Forty insists Joe keep his job. Later that night, Joe was seen comforting Delilah, and they ended up making love.

Episode 7: Existential Crisis

Recap:Love starts to use Milo, her husband’s best friend, as her rebound. On the other hand, Joe tries to start dating by installing an app for book lovers but to no avail. He follows Milo to hiking but meets Gabe there, who takes him to a spiritual treatment.
Meanwhile, Delilah thanks Joe for comforting her and they end up making love on the street, getting drunk and eventually getting arrested. This compels Forty to get hold of his few connections and bail Joe out.
On the other hand, Milo wants to take the relationship to the next level, but Love doesn’t seem to be ready to commit yet. Fincher starts suspecting Joe for Henderson’s murder, which prompts Delilah to go to the vault in the storage and take pictures.
Joe finds her there and locks her in, promising he would let her go the next day when he’d have safely fled from the town.

Episode 8: Fear And Loathing In Beverly Hills

Recap:Forty and Joe get locked in the former’s room to help Forty polish his script, under the guidance of Ellie. But Joe had to leave the city to avoid being caught, and it was getting late but he also realized that the only way for him to do so was by assisting Forty quick.
Ellie tells that it’s better to write the whole thing from scratch, which frustrates Forty and he leaves for a bar. Joe finds him, and Forty mixes LSD in his drink to enhance his creative thinking. Joe tries to concentrate and be quick and on time, however, the hallucinations hamper his brain’s functionality and he starts to lag.
Meanwhile, later, Love finds Joe’s farewell letter and convinces him to keep staying in LA. Forty works on his script and deduces that the murderer was actually Beck’s former boyfriend. He then confesses to Joe that when he was young, he blacked out and killed his au pair lover too. The next morning, Joe races to free Delilah before the handcuff timer blows off, only to find her lying dead in the vault.

Episode 9: P.I. Joe

Recap:Joe knew that he wasn’t the one to murder Delilah, he tries to connect the dots but to no avail. Candace happens to come and sees Joe standing next to Delilah’s dead body, and locks him in.
She calls Love to prove to her what kind of a man Joe is, and when Love arrives, Joe confesses everything to her and even apologizes to Candace. However, the tables turn she murders Candace and professes his love for Joe instead.

Episode 10: Love, Actually

Recap:Love reveals her masterplan. She says that she studied Joe’s past quite closely and made him fall for her. She also finds a workaround for him, Forty and her to escape frame Ellie for Henderson’s murder and then make the Quinn family close the case, and make it seem like Delilah committed suicide due the backlash she received regarding her article.
Joe gets tempted to kill Love too, but he stops when she says that she is pregnant with Joe’s child. Meanwhile, Fortey gets to know that Joe was behind Beck’s murder and tries to convince Love.
Elsewhere, Joe tells everything to Ellie and sends her away with some cash before Child Protective Services come and get her. Forty holds a gun at Joe’s head and confronts him but gets shot by Fincher instead.
Love uses her renowned connections to blame Forty for Candace and Henderson’s deaths. Joe and Love get a happy start as they move into a new home, but the story comes to square one when Joe sees his lovely neighbour and his obsessive patterns start to spiral again.
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Wrapping It Up

If you’re still wondering whether you should binge You Netflix series or not, well, why not? this tv show you have enough jump scares, thrill sequences and tension scenes to get you squinting your eyebrows and engrossing yourself into the show.
Currently, this show is available to watch online through Amazon Prime and Netflix. You Episodes are in good watch length so completing a season at one go shall be a cakewalk. Now is the best time to binge, so settle down with some popcorn and soft drinks and binge away. Happy binging!

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