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All About Reggie: One of the Most Strange Marijuana Strains

Updated: Mar 20

Reggie is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that has been rated a C by a lot of people in the medicinal marijuana community. Even as it is believed to be able to combat mental illness, mood disorders, and more, it still remains a mild to moderate strain in its effects.

This strange smelling strain, as some have described its dominant aroma to be similar to a cheap perfume - lying somewhere between skunk and potpourri, it gives a tingly feeling when inhaled. Equally strange are its flavors, as some describe it as a numbing feeling, much like nutmeg, but without the nutmeg flavor.

Strange in every way, no doubt, let's try to understand more about Reggie in this article.

All About Reggie

First, What Exactly Does Reggie Weed Look Like?

1. Conspicuous seeds

Numero uno, Reggie buds will usually have a lot of seeds, as they originate from male or the hermaphrodite cannabis plants.

2. Airy buds

If you come across cannabis buds that are as fluffy as dandelions, then you've got Reggie in your hands. Airy buds indicate poor cultivation, and that's why you shouldn't expect much from Reggie in terms of THC.

3. Discolored buds

Not just airy, but because of being stored in extremely hot conditions or dried in the open sun, Reggie weed loses its colour. You'll find Reggie kush to be either brown or dark green in colour.

4. Shoddy trim

Being a low-grade weed, Reggie has leaves that stick out from its buds, instead of well-manicured buds with a nice egg-like shape. With Reggie, you will also find large stems in the bag containing it.

How Much THC Does Reggie Weed Typically Contain?

Before we get to that very important question, let's first understand what THC means.

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol; it is the psychoactive component present in cannabis. In simpler words, THC is what gives you a high every time you have Reggie or any other kind of marijuana.

It is the compound that is found in cannabis, which interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors present in the brain. Their interaction is what's responsible for the euphoric feeling you get from taking weed.

That's the reason why cannabis and THC have become almost synonymous in the minds, and sometimes even the vocabulary of users.

Now, in the case of Reggie, one should know that this particular cannabis type is not really known for its THC content. But, fret not! That in no way means that all Reggie weed is created equal!

We understand that most Reggie contains only a small quantity of THC, 2% or so; but, there are some - though, rarely ever - that may contain THC in moderate to high levels.

Even the relatively good Reggie weed is unlikely to go beyond the 10% THC mark, compared to the best marijuana strains that have THC anywhere between 18 to 25%.

So, Reggie weed is more like the mediocre, or you could say, the often-overlooked middle child!

Popular For Medicinal Use

As a strain, Reggie weed is quite popular for the host of medicinal uses it has. First off, the most prominent of its effects are believed to be the care of and relief in mood disorders and mental illness. It also acts as an effective stimulant and is hence used in the treatment of a general lack of appetite or eating disorders.

Why Isn't Reggie Weed To Be Blamed For Its Dismal State?

Because, as it is with every plant out there, it is hardly ever the crop’s fault. It is the cultivator who is to be blamed. Reggie weed is bad because of the conditions that it is grown in. It is given little care or grown with lesser control, making this bud a victim of circumstance!

Plus, the fact that the female variety of this Reggie is fertilized doesn't help one bit, because it means that the plant usually produces more seeds than it produces leaves. Due to this, the energy that would rather be utilized to nourish the leaves is now being used up to grow these seeds.

This is what aggravates the problem for this weed. Just so that the growers have enough leaves to harvest, they plant the strain and leave it there until it does so. This is a type of weed that is not cared for and cultivated by tender loving and experienced growers. Instead, it is generally grown outside and paid no attention.

These are the factors that culminate in a low-potency stunted bud that is full of seeds and tastes, sometimes literally, like a swamp! While most of the growers are always trying to breed the most beautiful, potent, aromatic strains, Reggie weed falls at the very opposite end of the spectrum. Temperature, moisture levels, and sunlight - none of these are taken into consideration. You can just tell from the brittle brown flakes that break off of it - this weed is weak.

Now, combine all this with the terrible storing and horrible shipping methods, and you know why Reggie weed never really stood a chance.

That said, if you're ever interested in planting Reggie seeds yourself, you might see at times, it gives flowering plants. With a little attention and care, Reggie weed can produce a decent pot that far exceeds the original batch!

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