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All You Need to Know About Weed Tinctures

Updated: Sep 7

All-natural and organic cannabis is now available in the form of a tincture. This method has been around for quite some time, and it's finally catching on! Tinctures are a liquid weed that can be taken as an edible or smoked to get into your system quickly with little smell left behind.

What makes one feel high? It’s cannabinoids such as THC-A (Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid) which binds to receptors in the brain like sitting down at home after work. The best way we know how this happens is through inhalation methods; smoking marijuana flowers, vaping concentrates etc., but what if you want something quick without all those extra smells getting involved? Enter: “tinctures."

Tinctures are one of the best methods for delivering medical marijuana because they allow you to measure doses accurately and offer patients who can't eat or inhale cannabis an alternative that still provides them with relief.

Tinctures have a long history as reliable delivery systems for herbal medicines in general and were used by ancient physicians from China all the way up through Europe's Middle Ages. This method is so effective because it delivers cannabinoids into your system quickly without needing much effort on your part; just let the tincture sit under your tongue until its effects kick in!

What are Weed Tinctures?

Marijuana tinctures are a concentrated form of THC and other cannabis components that are dissolved in alcohol. They come with droppers, which you can use to place the liquid into your mouth or under your tongue for fast-acting relief from pain, anxiety symptoms like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and more.

Tinctures have been considered a sublingual delivery making it much faster acting than an edible for the typically felt high. Although every cannabis strain is different, tinctures are known to deliver quickly and then last longer as opposed to edibles that can provide a more intense but shorter-lived experience.

Eating weed takes time. You have to wait around for an hour and a half, wondering if you’ve peaked yet or not, before being able to do anything else with your day because it can take up that much of your brainpower.

You can discreetly carry tinctures with you wherever and whenever without worrying about the stress of a run-in with law enforcement. Plus they don't smell (unless you open the bottle!) so nobody will know what's up!

Cannabis Tincture Recipe

Here’s what you’re going to need:

● Pure grain alcohol of 90% strength or higher (Everclear)

● Your cannabis flower of choice that is already been decarboxylated

● A small glass jar with a lid

● Brown medicine bottle with eyedropper


  1. Decide how much cannabis flower will be used, using 7 grams as a starting point per 4 ounces of alcohol for making a herbal extract. You can also use dried buds or even trim from other projects if they're available!

  2. Decarbing weed is a way of making it more potent and less likely to burn. It's quite easy, too! Just take the desired amount of decarbed flowers and pour them evenly into your chosen jar with alcohol (any will do). Allow for adequate time to settle before you enjoy.

  3. Measure out the decarbed weed and pour it into a jar. Measure out the alcohol, fill your shot glass with it, then add to the container of marijuana and give everything a good stir for around five minutes or so until all THC crystals have dissolved from cannabis leaves.

  4. After the soaking period is done, strain out the plant material through a cheesecloth and put it in an opaque medicine bottle with an eyedropper. This will protect your tincture from sunlight to keep THC from breaking down, allowing you to dose easily!

  5. Finally, store it in a cool, dry place.

How to Incorporate Tincture Into Edibles

If you want to get high slowly, cannabis tinctures are a good option. You can add it into all sorts of foods like ice cream and mashed potatoes with gravy or juicing fruit for salad dressings. Add the tincture at any point when cooking your food so that they start eating it while still hot!

Also, if you add drops of the tincture to a food or drink, you will have made edibles with an alcohol cannabis tincture. You cannot use the tinctures as substitutes for cooking oils, but they are perfect in cocktails and drinks that don't require heat!

How to Concentrate a Tincture?

Tinctures are an excellent way to ingest medicine. To concentrate on a tincture, you need to make sure that the dosing information is listed correctly and know how many doses will achieve your desired effect.

But, before beginning this process, always test out the concentration of your tincture -- no matter if it's from a shop or made by yourself! If you want the tincture to be more potent, evaporate some of the alcohol. This must happen while there is still plant matter in your mixture (before it's strained and bottled).

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