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Cannabidiol: Its Potential As a Preservative for Fresh Produce and an Antimicrobial Agent

Updated: Jan 13

CBD (Cannabidiol), though non-psychoactive, is also highly therapeutic in nature. A part of the cannabis plant, it's unsurprisingly been making waves, all across the world, for its healing properties.

People all over have been adding Cannabidiol to many different kinds of food items and beverages , in addition to using it for medication purposes to treat anything from anxiety, stress, insomnia, and depression, to diseases like cancer.

Research on Cannabidiol Oil

There's even been new research that shows how CBD doesn't only possess antibacterial and antiviral properties, but also antimicrobial properties which can go a long way in extending the shelf life of produce. Then there's a recent study which was conducted by the researchers from the Food Quality Laboratory in the Department of Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology, University of South Florida. They revealed that Cannabidiol also has the potential to preserve fresh produce. It was an experiment wherein the researchers had some CBD oil poured over some strawberries. They discovered that the oil protected the strawberries from the germs, allowing them to stay fresh for a rather longer time period. These berries were then exposed to 1°C for the first 8 days, and 10°C for the last 8 days. The strawberries with CBD oil treatment were found to have much less mold, microbes, and yeast.

When the same strawberries were checked for their microbial load and their visual quality before as well as during storage, the results showed all factors to be better than before the fruits were treated with CBD oil.

Different Studies, But Same Results!

There have been other studies conducted in the past which have all shown similar results, making people more confident in the potential of Cannabidiol as a natural preservative, that’s also free of chemicals and can be used on food and other such things which are prone to microbes and bacteria. Though one can't refute the need for more studies to see its impact on fresh produce, the effects CBD has on the human body, the way it protects it from harmful bacteria, have now been more than well-proven.

There was a study conducted by researchers in Australia, who discovered during lab tests that CBD helped kill many strains of bacteria including the ones that we know are resistant to antibiotics, showing Cannabidiol is a promising antibiotic. Plus, despite being exposed to CBD for 20 days, the bacteria did not develop a resistance to it, even though it is the standard duration after which one expects bacteria to become antibiotic-resistant.

Meanwhile, there have been other studies that show how CBD makes antibiotics even more effective. There was a study - the first of its kind - led by the Senior Lecturer in the Department of Biomedical Sciences, Dr. Sigrun Lange, with other researchers from the UK participating as well. The results of this study revealed how CBD had an impact on the release of membrane vesicles, which strengthen antibiotics, enhancing the bacterial communication.

They assessed the membrane vesicle release from the bacteria, with as well as without Cannabidiol, for the trial. They confirmed that Cannabidiol had an effect on the number of membrane vesicles released in addition to the structures that were released from the bacteria. While there have already been studies showing the antibacterial properties of CBD, none had been able to show how it really worked. But, this study established how CBD boosted the antibiotic effects through modifications in the membrane vesicle composition and release in the bacteria.

The findings of this study highlighted that Cannabidiol application, along with antibiotic treatment, could be a significant adjunct to the very development of novel treatment, so as to help decrease antibiotic resistance, especially when antibiotic resistance is increasing and is predicted to be a health disaster on a global level.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that we need more studies; still, one can't deny that we have excellent places to start as the studies already performed have shown tremendous promise of the potential that Cannabidiol holds in situations that far exceed healing of the human body.

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