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How Can Cannabis Help With an Alcohol Hangover?

Updated: Jul 7

After a long night of drinking alcohol, can marijuana help get rid of that hangover?

alcohol hangover

We've probably, at some point or other in life, all been there – the morning (or even all of the next day!) after a night of what was an alcohol binge - a drinking fest! A mild to massive hangover seems like not too big a price the night before, now does it!

But, the fact remains that an alcohol hangover can make you feel truly awful and desperate for anything to make the discomfort, headache, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, rapid heartbeat, poor or decreased sleep, and whatnot, disappear.

It is the diuretic effect of alcohol that causes dehydration as well as the way it makes the liver produce toxins to metabolite the alcohol itself that makes a drinker go through a bad hangover. It is when a person's blood-alcohol level drops to almost zero that the hangover symptoms normally begin, and become significantly noticeable the morning after.

While we don't have a magic cure for alcohol hangovers, there are people who feel that cannabis can help relieve some of the symptoms usually associated with them.

Smoking Weed and Alcohol Hangovers

Smoking weed has shown to really help with hangover symptoms, especially when it comes to stomach upset and pain management, and often with a cranky mood that it puts you in. Cannabis has a way of making hangovers bearable for both the drinker, as well as the people around.

On the other hand, there are other hangover symptoms, such as rapid heartbeat, dry mouth, and even cognitive impairment that may actually get compounded by weed.

Just as different people may experience hangovers differently, not everyone benefits from marijuana use while treating their hangovers. So, just like one can't be sure about finding the right strain, dose, or the ideal weed consumption method without some self-experimentation, the same goes for figuring out whether or not cannabis can help one treat their hangover.

Does Weed Cure an Alcohol Hangover?

The fact that it does help ease the symptoms of a hangover doesn't mean it cutes the hangover.

We know that treating a hangover is first and foremost about getting re-hydrated, and taking care of any kind of physical pain, most likely a headache. Once those things are managed, weed (not a strain with a very high THC content or one that is known to trigger a more energizing effect, or a hybrid pot strain) could very well take care of everything else. But, it does need to be said that the results may differ from person to person.

One has to understand that all of the body systems are basically reeling from an excess of alcohol consumption, and whether it's loud music, bright lights, or a particularly exciting strain of marijuana, it will have the opposite effect of making everything nice and slow!

What's the Final Word?

The one thing that's for sure is that alcohol is toxic, and consuming too much of it can cause a lot of problems for the body, the least of which is a bad hangover. The body treats alcohol as a waste product and hence tries to excrete it. Even a little bit of alcohol has an effect on all of the body’s systems; drinking way past than the body can process leads to the alcohol level building up in the bloodstream, getting distributed throughout the body, and leading to intoxication. The alcohol distribution can affect the nerve endings in the body, and even slow down brain function.

Cannabis is in no way a magic pill that cures alcohol hangovers. But, as everything needs to be taken in moderation and at the right time, whether it be caffeine, sugar, or alcohol, cannabis can make your life easier when you're in the middle of a typical nasty hangover.

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