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What is Cannabis and CBD?

Updated: Mar 20

When you hear the name of cannabis what comes to your mind? There are lots of said and information available on the internet saying that cannabis is this and that but there are very less information is there which provides you the right information for you so that we tried to bring all the basic and some advanced details of cannabis so that you can also understand what is cannabis and much more interesting information.

What is Cannabis and CBD?

Consumable cannabis really just plants flower there are many different species of cannabis plant search with their own unique characteristics however for most consuming of cannabis the two primary chemical species of Sativa and Indica Sativa is a taller and thinner they're not for producing more of a head pipe that contains any feelings of alertness increased energy and a sense of wealthy.

Generally recommended for daytime use and occur on the other hand is shorter than much play sugar it's known for more that's a funny pie which can bring on that couch luckily generally better leave to sleep aid for nighttime use now of course hybrids of these two new plant species exist and make them a fairly large portion of the cannabis market trust breeding of these pieces allow consumers to experience a large spectrum of effects Tate's looks alien smells now this is one of the things I find so interesting about cannabis is just how diverse it is and how different drawing methods and host of other factors can affect each plant and harvest anyways during the later part of a growing cycle the cannabis dis harvest from the plant and then this dry trimmed and cured of situ consumption the average grow time is between three to four-month show ever since cannabis is so sensitive to growing methods and other factors the harvest time.

Now let’s give you some information on CBD

CBD is a cannabinoid from the cannabis family it’s a look like a feel like sound like cannabis but has no effects of getting you stoned so ladies you do not get high from this but your body feels all of the amazing effects that it does for you there are different types of CBD there's CBD isolate which is the one that issued in cases of epilepsy it gives you that instant relaxed feeling and it gives your body this all-over sensation of calm.

Which is something that a lot of us need now the other form of CBD that gets you way more relaxed as full-spectrum full -spectrum uses the entire plant including the flower whereas the isolate really only uses like the hemp stock and full-spectrum CBD makes you way more relaxed so yes you will feel sleepy when you have this THC you will feel it more in your body than you would with the isolate I want to give you a list of all the things that it is amazing for it is ananti-inflammatory so CBD oil or CBD honey is used to help with our menstrual cramps our ex and pains our sore spots it is also a vascular relaxant it helps our blood to flow better through our arteries so anybody that is suffering from high cholesterol would significantly benefit from the uses of CBD oil or CBD honey another way that it affects us greatly is helps with our bones prising lee CBD allows the calcium to enter our bones CBD has been most effective in cases of epilepsy in children and in adults as well it is a neurological stimulant digestive aid this is anti-depressant anti-anxiety and it all comes with no side affects you can incorporate CBD oils directly into your food which is what I love to do for my clients now a great way to infuse CBD into your foodis to add it at the end of a meal because you don't want to ever get it too hot because you don't want to compromise its value so adding it to the end of a meal has no taste guys not no taste at all you can add it directly to your meal in butter into a sauce you can drizzle it in some salad dressing another way to incorporate it is candy they have CBD candies that you can just pop in your mouth lollipop they have them in a lot of different forms.

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