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Taylor Swift Exceeds Her Tales Wildest Dreams Having an Essential Album Listening Session

Please don't tell Taylor Swift fans to calm down now that the singer is hosting secret listening sessions for her upcoming seventh album, Lover. Much like the lead up to Reputation, Taylor invited a group of dedicated listeners to hang out with her in London on Friday to preview unreleased tracks before they go public…

Author:Andrew Stevenson
Reviewer:Johnathan Miller
Aug 03, 2019
Please don’t tell Links”>Taylor Swiftfans to”calm down” now that the singer is now hosting secret listening sessions for her upcoming seventh record, Lover. Much like the lead up to Standing, Taylor invited a bunch of listeners to hang out with her in London on Friday to preview unreleased tracks until they go public on Aug. 23.
Taylor swore the lucky fans to secrecy, therefore information about song titles and details are rare, but they could show some interesting tidbits regarding the event. In \true Taylor style, the singer \roasted rice crispy treats and biscuits to bite\. Fans allegedly left using a Loverbag bag, an exclusive key chain, a few t-shirts, and several fond memories.
Even if you weren’t invited to Taylor’s collecting, you still have a chance to find several Lover Easter eggsbefore the album drops later this season. She has planted plenty of hints in her music videos and throughout interviews, and start digging!
Andrew Stevenson

Andrew Stevenson

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Johnathan Miller

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