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Unraveling The Mystery - What Is A Box Bet In Horse Racing

Discover the secret behind what is a box bet in horse racing! Uncover the winning strategies, insider tips, and expert insights to master this game-changing betting technique. Elevate your horse racing experience and maximize your profits today.

Author:Andrew Stevenson
Reviewer:Johnathan Miller
Mar 19, 2024
Are you ready to elevate your horse racing game? Get ready to uncover the exciting world of box betting! What Is a box bet In horse racing, is a strategic wagering technique that allows you to cover multiple combinations of horses in a single bet. Unlike traditional bets where you pick one horse to win, place, or show, a box bet lets you select multiple horses and arrange them in various combinations, increasing your chances of winning.
With a box bet, you can unleash your inner strategist and diversify your betting portfolio like never before. Whether you're a seasoned punter or a newcomer to the track, box betting offers an exhilarating opportunity to amplify your excitement and potential winnings.

What Is A Box Bet?

A box bet is a type of wager used in various games and betting contexts, primarily horse racing, where you predict the finishing positions of selected participants without specifying the exact order. It offers higher chances of winning compared to picking the exact order but comes with a lower payout.
Here's a breakdown of the key features:

What It Covers

  • You choose two or more participants (horses, players, etc.).
  • The bet covers all possible combinations where any of your chosenparticipants finish in the specified positions,regardless of the exact order.
The cost increases with the number of participants you choose and the number of positions covered. More combinations = higher cost.
  • Increased winning chances -Easier to win compared to picking the exact order.
  • Flexibility -Covers multiple potential outcomes.
  • Lower payout -Less reward than getting the exact order right.
  • Higher cost -Can become expensive with many participants.
  • Key box bet -Choose one "key" participant and other non-key ones. Covers combinations where the key wins in its designated position and any non-key participant fills remaining positions.
  • Wheel bet -Similar to key box, but you can have multiple key participants.
Where it's used
  • Horse racing -Exacta box, trifecta box, superfecta box
  • Sports -Quinella, trifecta, superfecta
  • Bingo -Covering multiple numbers in specific lines or patterns

What Is An Exacta Box Bet?

An exacta box bet is a type of wager in horse racing where you predict which two horses will finish first and second, but you don't have to worry about the exact order they finish in. Here's the breakdown:
1. Regular Exacta -In a regular exacta, you pick the two horses you believe will finish first and second, in that specific order. If your selections come in 1st and 2nd, you win the bet. If they finish 2nd and 1st, or in any other order, you lose.
2. Exacta Box -Here's where it gets interesting. With an exacta box, you pick two or more horses, and as long as any two of your selections finish first and second (regardless of the order), you win! This essentially covers all possible winning combinations of your chosen horses.
  • Regular Exacta -You pick horse #3 to win and horse #5 to place. If they finish 3rd and 5th, you lose.
  • Exacta Box -You box horse #3 and horse #5. If either horse finishes 1st and the other 2nd, you win! (e.g., 3rd-5th, 5th-3rd).

What Is A Key Box Bet In Horse Racing?

A key box bet in horse racing combines elements of an exacta box and a key trifecta, offering flexibility and covering several potential outcomes. Here's how it works:

Basic Concept

  • You select one horse as your "key" horse. You strongly believe this horse will finish in a specific position (usually first).
  • You choose two or more additional horses (non-key).
  • The bet covers all possible combinations where your key horse finishes in its designated position and any of the non-key horses finish in the remaining top positions, in any order.


  • You set horse #3 as your key to finish first.
  • You choose horses #5 and #7 as your non-key options.

This Bet Covers Six Winning Combinations:

  • First: 3 - 5 - 2
  • Second: 3-5-7
  • Third: 3-7-2
  • Forth: 3-7-5
  • Fifth: 2-3-5
  • Sixth: 2-3-7


  • Increased winning chances -Compared to a straight trifecta (picking the exact top three in order), a key box bet covers multiple scenarios, making it easier to win.
  • Lower cost than full box -It's cheaper than boxing all possible combinations within your chosen horses, reducing the overall wager amount.

How Much Is A Trifecta Box Bet?

'what is a trifecta' written
'what is a trifecta' written
The cost of a trifecta box bet depends on the number of horses you choose to box. It essentially covers all possible combinations of those horses finishing in the top three positions, regardless of the order.

The Cost For A $1 Base Wager

  • 3 horses -6 combinations, costing $6
  • 4 horses -24 combinations, costing $24
  • 5 horses -60 combinations, costing $60
  • 6 horses -120 combinations, costing $120
  • 7 horses -210 combinations, costing $210
  • 8 horses -336 combinations, costing $336
  • 9 horses -504 combinations, costing $504
  • 10 horses -720 combinations, costing $720
As you can see, the cost increases exponentially with the number of horses you choose. This is because each additional horse adds more combinations to cover.
These are just the costs for a $1 base wager. You can adjust the amount you bet per combination, but the overall cost will increase proportionally.

Horse Box Bet

In a 2-horse box bet, you select two horses and predict that they will finish in the top two positions, regardless of the specific order. This essentially covers both possible winning combinations involving your chosen horses:
  • Horse 1 finishes first, Horse 2 finishes second.
  • Horse 2 finishes first, Horse 1 finishes second.
Here's how it works:
  • The cost of a 2-horse box bet depends on the base wager amount and the minimum bet set by the racetrack or platform.
  • For example, if the minimum bet is $2 and your base wager is $1, the 2-horse box bet would cost $4 (2 combinations * $2 minimum * $1 base wager).
  • The payout for a winning 2-horse box bet depends on the odds assigned to each horse and the total pool of money wagered on the race.
  • Generally, the payout will be lower than a straight exacta (picking the exact first and second place finishers) due to covering both possible outcomes.
  • Higher chance of winning -Compared to a straight exacta, you only need two horses to finish in the top two, regardless of order, for your bet to win.
  • Lower cost -Compared to boxing more horses, it's a more affordable option while still increasing your winning chances.
  • Lower payout -As mentioned before, the reward is generally lower than a straight exacta.
  • Limited coverage -It only covers the two chosen horses, so you miss out on potential winnings if other horses finish in the top two.

Quinella box bet

A quinella box bet, is the same as a 2-horse box bet. Here are the key points:

Key Points

  • You select two horsesyou believe will finish in the top two positions, regardless of the specific order.
  • This covers both possible winning combinations with your chosen horses.
  • Cost depends on the base wager and minimum bet, typically 2 combinations * minimum bet * base wager.
  • Payout is lower than a straight exacta due to covering both outcomes.
  • Offers higher winning chances but lower reward compared to an exacta.


  • Straight exacta -Pick the exact first and second place finishers (higher risk, higher reward).
  • Exacta box with more horses -Cover more possibilities but at a higher cost.

How Much Is A $2 Exacta Box Bet?

The cost of a $2 exacta box horse bet can vary depending on several factors:
1. Number of horses selected -An exacta box bet covers all possible two-horse finishing combinations within your selected horses. So, the cost increases with the number of horses you choose. With 2 horses, you have 21 = 2 combinations, but with 3 horses, it becomes 32 = 6 combinations, multiplying the cost by 3.
2. Minimum bet amount -Different platforms or tracks may have different minimum bet amounts for exacta box bets. This minimum could be higher than $2, in which case your actual bet would be rounded up to the nearest increment based on the minimum allowed.
3. Platform fees - Some platforms might charge additional transaction fees on top of the base bet amount.

FAQ's About What Is A Box Bet In Horse Racing

What Is The Best Bet Type For Horse Racing?

Horse Racing Betting Strategy #1, Use A Key1 horse is the strongest contender to win a particular race, they can select that No. 1 horse as a “key”. A common way to use a key is to make an exacta or trifecta bet.

How Much Is A 3 Horse Box Bet?

This is a relatively expensive wager compared to other horse racing bets, but that is the price one pays to make multiple selections on one of the track's highest-paying bets. Starting from a base wager of $1, a trifecta box with three horses costs $6 because it covers six possible outcomes.

Can You Box 4 Horses?

For example, if you select four horses to finish in a specific order, the bet is called a “straight Superfecta.” However, you can also choose to box the horses, meaning they can finish in any order as long as they are in the top four.


In conclusion, the box bet in horse racing offers a strategic approach for bettors to maximize their chances of winning by covering multiple outcomes within a single wager. By boxing multiple horses in an exacta, trifecta, or superfecta, bettors increase their opportunities for success, albeit at a higher cost.
This versatile betting strategy allows for flexibility in selecting contenders while providing a buffer against uncertainties in the race outcome. However, like any betting method, the box bet requires careful consideration of factors such as the quality of the field, the odds offered, and the size of the bettor's bankroll.
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